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The "Apeldoornsche Messenfabriek" (Apeldoorn knife factory) was founded by Eugen Hollaender in 1931 at the age of 25, first as a manufacturer of razor blades and then focused on the development and production of table cutlery. In the seventies he took over the management of Rudi Hollaender, the eldest son of the Hollaender family. Under his leadership, Amefa has become an international manufacturing and commercial company of cutlery and kitchen knives. Offices have been opened in Hong Kong and more recently in China. Over the years, the Amefa Group has expanded its skills through the acquisition of renowned national brands: Couzon (cutlery and crockery) Cuisinox (cookware), Sabatier Trompette (kitchen knives), Richardson Sheffield (kitchen knives), Paul Wirths (cutlery) and Medard de Noblat (porcelain). The group is now represented by Jean-Michel Parisy and Peter Hollaender, grandson of the original founder, their goal is to anticipate the needs of the market and pursue a worldwide expansion strategy, a desire for success supported by a competent and passionate team. dedicated to making the activity of the Dutch family in its market indispensable.

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