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Aluminum Pan with 2 Brass Handles - Vintage Style - Made in Italy

Aluminum Pan with 2 Brass Handles - Vintage Style - Made in Italy

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Aluminum Pan with 2 Brass Handles - Vintage Style - Made in Italy

Aluminum Pan with 2 Brass Handles - Vintage Style - Made in Italy

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For those who love to cook and for true cooks. The professional aluminum pots of Rivadossi Sandro, 100% made in Italy, have excellent conductivity that allows the heat to spread evenly over the entire surface and cook the food always at the same temperature, thus preventing carbonization which in addition to altering the taste of the dishes is unhealthy. Rivadossi's aluminum pots are light, easy to handle and suitable for contact with food.

The aluminum is very light and therefore very easy to handle, it is resistant to thermal shocks, abrasions, corrosion.

It is an ecological material as it is 100% recyclable!

It is an absolutely hygienic material and suitable for contact with food.

In addition to the professional quality, the Rivadossi pots and lids in aluminum have a particular retro design, they evoke distant memories, for kitchens and tables in an authentic vintage, country or rustic style.

Small pans to prepare single portions, sauces, to be paired with small Rivadossi aluminum lids.

Available in two sizes diam 12 and 14 cm.

Diameter 12

Capacity lt .: 0,68

Height cm: 3.50

base diameter cm .: 11

Weight gr .: 380.00

Thickness mm: 2.80

Diameter 14

Capacity lt .: 0,62

Heightcm: 3.50

base diameter cm .: 13

Weight gr .: 400.00

Thickness mm: 2.80

We suggest

1. When using for the first time, carefully clean the pots, rinse with boiling water and dry; subsequently grease the inside with a little oil or butter and leave to rest for a few hours, then rinse;

2. Never heat the empty pan over a fire.

3. When washing in the dishwasher, any stains due to detergents are to be considered simple blemishes that do not in any way compromise the integrity of the cooking tool.

4. The possible leakage of water from the handles is caused by the long washing cycles of the home dishwashers which facilitate the filling of the same since these parts are empty tubular inside. Long washing cycles are therefore not recommended.

5. Strongly acidic and salty foods can still be perfectly cooked in aluminum food containers with the precaution of avoiding storing them for long times at non-refrigerated temperatures. Do not use to store food "outside a refrigerated environment over 24 hours";

6. Add the salt only during boiling to facilitate its dissolution and prevent it from attacking the metal;

7. The dark patina that forms inside the aluminum food pans is due to the oxidation of the metal: a real protective inert barrier that must not be removed.

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Aluminum Pan with 2 Brass Handles - Vintage Style - Made in Italy

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